How to : Cloth at Night Time October 28 2014, 0 Comments

One of the biggest concerns for most new to cloth parents is how to use MCNs at night time.

I'm here to tell you it's easy!

In my 3 years of parenting I've tried a lot of different nappies on my kids' bums at night.
Especially with #1 being a super-dooper heavy wetter at night from 6 months til 2 years old!
Yes we even tried disposables, he would out pee them by midnight!

When it comes to cloth nappies at night time, you've got 2 options:
1. Use what you've got
2. Buy dedicated night nappies

Use what you've got:
We've had a lot of success with using what we've got, except for when #1 was a heavy wetter. A good rule of thumb is if your baby is a normal wetter and doesn't out pee their disposable at night then one of these options should work for you.
If you are using pocket nappies you can just add an extra insert or booster and there you have it - an easy night nappy.
Same as some All in Ones, especially ones with pockets - just add an extra insert or booster.
A lot of people also have success with fitted nappies, with a bit of extra boosting and a good cover.

Buy dedicated night nappies:
If day nappies with extra stuffing isn't working for you then you may have to invest in dedicated night nappies.
We recommend looking for ones that have a lot of absorbency for heavy wetters as some "night nappies" simply do not have enough absorbency for heavy wetters at night time.
In our experience the best dedicated night nappies are fitted night nappies with a stay dry inner teamed up with a woolen cover. - Yes baby's bum is big! But at least they won't leak at night!

We now only use 2 combinations in our house on our 2 children, (1 and 2.5 years old)
1. Baby Beehinds Night Nappies teamed with a Disana Woolen cover.
2. Our own brand of nappies with 2x bamboo charcoal inserts and 1x night insert.


Do you use cloth nappies at night time? What is your favourite combination?